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Custom Websites Designed and Developed Around Your Needs


Modern websites should serve content to as many devices and browsers as possible.  My approach is not necessarily to serve content the same way on every device, but to provide a visually pleasing and easy to understand experience for the user across most screen sizes.  All new client sites are designed to be adaptive or responsive.


Every business or client has specific ways that they want to run their business, and promote their message.  Listening to my clients needs, and building custom solutions is always my goal. Clients shouldn’t have to compromise their vision to fit within the limits of software. My development strategy is to build custom functionality on top of existing content management platforms.  I am currently building client sites in WordPress. I prefer Woocommerce for online retail because of its flexibility. I have also developed sites based on the OpenCart II, and Ecommerce Templates engines.


Reflecting clients’ brand identities is an important goal of the website as a marketing tool.  I strive to provide visually rich and engaging websites that follow best practices for accessibility.  Designing in a plethora of media over 25 years gives me a unique perspective on developing visual content.  Projects are approached with the philosophies of progressive enhancement and graceful degradation wherever possible.